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Short biography …

Fascinated since his earliest childhood by deserts and the Near and Middle East, Pascal Renouard de Vallière decided to leave France at the age of 19 to discover Saudi Arabia.  His passion for the country, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to communicate despite language difficulties were noted by the Royal Family's entourage, who soon came to appreciate this young expatriate’s talents.  

A self-educated man, Pascal Renouard de Vallière became familiar with the customs and traditions of the Kingdom, and met many influential families in the country who came to appreciate his qualities.  At the request of his friends, in 1983, he opened an office in Riyad to manage the private business of these prominent people.

From simple everyday questions to the most complex professional business matters, he won their confidence and acquired vast experience of their culture, lifestyle and the manner in which they structure their business, as well as their rules governing social relations.

This know-how was put to the service of relations between Saudi Arabia and France when he created the "Association des Relations Franco-Saoudiennes" in 1990, through which he invited numerous personalities, who had hitherto looked towards English-speaking counties and Switzerland, to visit and invest by opening private business offices.

In 1996, he transferred his business to Cairo to better meet the needs created by the ever-expanding circle of his relations that extends well beyond the Saudi Kingdom.  As a personal friend of Prince Sultan Bin Faisal AL SAUD, the direct nephew of King FAHAD, he also manages the private interests of a number of members of the ruling family and businessmen throughout the Arab-Persian Gulf in France and Europe.

Thanks to his activities as an advisor in international relations, he has many contacts with senior officials and companies in various countries and assists in creating new economic relations.
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